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Strengthening Families Program

For children to do well in school, succeed in life, and stay addiction-free, they need parents who know how to create loving relationships, set clear no-alcohol or drugs rules, and monitor their children and teens’ activities.   

And children need to learn life skills like accepting “No” nicely, following instructions, and saying “NO!” to alcohol and drugs. But where can they learn these skills?

Now parents and kids can learn these research-
proven skills—right in the comfort of their own home!

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Program Overview

Program Highlights

  • Evidence-based family skills training program

  • Delivered in multiple family group sessions by professionals and paraprofessionals

  • Comprehensive 14-week program for parents and children featuring separate and joint sessions

  • Targeted for children ages 7-17 and their parents

  • Free to all participants!

Benefits for Families

  • Increases family unity

  • Improves family management and organization

  • Decreases family conflict

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