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Become a Ministry Partner

JCMHC offers foundational programs to help you build your ministry and serve others effectively through the power of Christ. 
You Are Not Alone

​A single parent group, that partner with single parents (male and female) to create an atmosphere with the child that allows both to have a healthy environment. We will assist parents to establish strong boundaries. Also help the parent create balance between disciplinarian and nurturer, and consistency that will allow the child to love, respect, and enjoy the relationship.

Calming the Soul

A taboo subject for many years, is now out and in the open, as women and men have come forward to expose their perpetrators in recent years. This is a great start but we want all injured persons to have a holistic healing. Abuse impacts our mind, heart, and soul which means it effects our future, relationship, perception, and outlook. We will use the scriptures and practical tools to assist with the healing process, so we can proceed in life and do it with a healthy mentality.

Relationships from the Heart

Today is a time of much confusion and uncertainty in relationships today. Divorce rates rising, more people choosing to live out of wedlock has created a anything goes today in relationships. But most people just want a good and consistent relationship. But we find it hard because their seems to be a lack of good people or a lack good sense. We want to help people build a healthy, loving, and committed relationship. We believe the Bible gives us the foundation and support needed for strong healthy relationships. 

Build Your Foundation

Join us for Ministry Partner's Bible Study. ​Through this special bible study series for leaders, you will discover how God wants to use you to help build up His kingdom on earth.

Build Your Ministry

Work with other ministry partners to establish, grow and sustain your ministry.

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